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Speech-Sound-Pics - Phonemic Awareness Program

Using thier 'Duck Hands' and lines and numbers to record how they hear the sounds in words.

​What is Speech-Sound-Pics?

Speech-Sound-Pics is a speech to print approach to reading and writing.

Students use their hands like duck beaks - we call them 'duck hands' to track the number of sounds they hear in a word.

They draw lines and numbers to track the sounds they heard using their duck hands.

The speech-sound-pics approach uses monsters to teach each sound that can be heard in the English Language. Students initially use the monsters to represent the sounds they hear. The monsters are moved onto the lines and they 'read' using the monsters.

When confident, students then use the monsters AND change the monster for its corresponding 'sound pic' - we call them letters.  They read the letters that then make the word.  This process teaches the brain to 'map the code' of the English Language.

The speech-sound-pics approach is multi-sensory and engaging. Students learn the monsters through watching videos and learning the monster actions. They love making words using the monster actions and monster cards.

We introduced speech-sound-pics in Term 2 of 2018, mainly in the Junior School.

In 2019 we will develop this program further across our whole school. We will also run parent sessions in 2019 so you can learn the monsters and how to use them, along with lines and numbers to help your child at home.