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Our Community 2019

Welcome to our great school community!
St George State School community is made up of the staff, students and parents who collectively work together to set the tone of safety, responsibility and respect for each other across the whole school campus.
The Leadership Team consists of the Principal, Mrs Ronnie Kostaschuk; Deputy Principal Mr Jason Day, Mrs Ronnie Kostaschuk; Head of Special Education Services, Mrs Vicky Parker and the Head of Curriculum, Mrs Glenda Moloney.
The Administration Staff of the office consists of the Business Manager, Mrs Debbie Kings; and our front office staff Mrs Ruth Beeson and Miss Sam Duffey. Miss Sam Duffey is our Student Welfare Officer.
We believe in community engagement and community support. We invest financially in this belief through employing a Community Liaison Officer, Mr Sam Davis who works alongside a Community Engagement Teacher, Mrs Alison Fisher. Together, Sam and Alison run Sunrise Playgroup every Wednesday and Thursday morning; engage community agencies to work within and alongside the school to support families and students; spend time in the community chatting with families and take families and students to engage with support services – such as hearing screening or vision screening.
We boast 11 Classrooms from Prep - Year 6 across the campus.  In Prep we invest in full time teacher aides so that our youngest learners receive the intensive attention and support for their first year of education. We engage the services of an Early Years Coach, Mrs Jessica Morris to work in our Junior School Classrooms (Prep and Year 1/2) to develop the Age Appropriate Pedagogies required in the Early Years.
Our refurbished B Block classrooms, designed to ensure students can focus and concentrate with minimal noise distraction, boast the best in acoustic conditions and technological advances for our students:
·      floors and ceilings have been insulated and high density carpet laid;
·      acoustic ceiling tiles;
·      installation of dividing walls and solid core doors between classrooms;
·   soundfield systems installed in the ceilings;
·      hearing augmentation for students with hearing aides;
·      65” interactive screens which connect to the teachers’ laptops;
·      Computer benches;
·      upgraded data cabinets with high speed internet capability;
·      Sliding windows coated with anti-glare glazing;
·      Roller blinds;
·   Crim safe security screens;
·   Crim safe security on back stairwell to prevent roof access;
·      New furniture including desks, chairs, tidy trays, teacher desks, teacher chairs and bookshelves.
Children who are in Year 3 – 6 are fortunate to be students at St George State School at this time to gain maximum benefit from this upgrade. We plan, over time, to see improved student outcomes as a direct result of these improved conditions. In the new financial year, C Block will be upgraded to the same standard.
We have two specialist teachers - Health and Physical Education, Mr Dean Sullivan and The Arts Teacher, who will commence in 2019. Every class in every year level will attend these specialist lessons. Our Language Other Than English (L.O.T.E) is the indigenous languages of the local community, which is taught by our Year 3-6 teachers, with support from our Community Liaison Officer, Mr Sam Davis.
Our specialist support staff, the Head of Special Education Services, Special Education Teachers and the Head of Curriculum work to implement intervention programs, Individual Curriculum Plans and support teachers to differentiate the curriculum in their classrooms.
Our ancillary staff consists of teacher aides trained in the reading, sight word, phonemic awareness and speech-sound-pics and who work extensively in classrooms.  They have strong skills in all areas of numeracy and problem solving.  All teacher aides support intervention programs in small groups or one-to-one with students. We invest in speech therapy teacher aide time for students who require this level of support.
Our Chappy Britt works Monday, Tuesday and Friday. She runs lunchtime clubs in her Chappy Rom, runs programs such as Bella Girls and visits classrooms to see students at work She provides pastoral care - if any child is upset or needs support to make friends – Chappy Britt is on the task! Chappy Britt. She can provide book packs and class supplies, uniforms, lunches, food hampers and other clothing items to support children at school or families in their homes.
We look forward to a fantastic 2019 with all families and friends of St George State School. 
St George State School, the school of choice for families in the Balonne Shire.